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Call for monitoring first trial of the case opened against arrested 151 Kurdish politicians and human right activists

Dear Sir/Madame,
As result of police raids, prosecutorial investigations and arrest warrants which started after local elections on April 14, 2009 and continued until today, total of 1.630 people consisting of Kurdish politicians, mayors, elected provincial council members, women right activists and human right advocates were arrested.

The first trial of court file no. 2010/444 opened in Diyarbakır 6th Special High Criminal Court against 151 Kurdish politicians, human right activists and mayors including Lawyer Muharrem Erbey, our vice president and president of IHD Diyarbakır Branch, Roza Erdede and Arslan Özdemir who are member of executive boards of IHD Diyarbakır Branch will be held on October 18, 2010. First arrestment in the context of this case started on April 14, 2009. While neither detainees nor lawyer were informed about the case for approximately one and a half year because of secrecy on case, many telephone calls and audio surveillances in the context of the case were sahred with media and these people were pointed as target. Therefore their private lives, right of defense, right to be informed about accusation were systematically and arbitrarily violated. Similarly, judges arbitrarily and partially decided to extend their detention period within one and a half year in which they were held on remand. With these decisions, both national legislation of Turkey and various articles of European Convention on Human Right were violated.

Also UN Declaration on Human Right Defender was ignored by judges. Muharrem Erbey, Vice President of IHD and President of IHD Diyarbakır Branch, were charged with ”membership of illegal organization” because of his activities, press releases, statements in conferences of European Parliament and parliament of other countries in the context of human right advocacy and his critique on violations of rights. When 8.000-page indictment is examined, it would be understood that a political language far away from law and legislation was used and an arbitrary run of arresting and judging was started in order to threaten to opponents

Furthermore, closed Democratic Society Party’s (it is replaced by Peace and Democracy Party) mayors, provincial council members, municipal council member and Women council members’ use of right to do democratic politics was evaluated in the context of “membership of illegal organization”. Therefore this case can be defined as a litmus paper in the respect of democratizationof Turkey.

Therefore we are calling international human right organizations, political institutions, lawyers, monitoring commissions to monitor the first trial held in Diyarbakır 6th Special Heavy Penal Court on October 18, 2010. We thank you in advance for your collaboration.

General President

For detailed information,

Contact person: Reyhan Yalçındağ-Member of IHD Discipline Committee
e-mail: diyarbakir@ihd.org.tr
phone-number: 0090 412 223 30 33
fax number: 0090 412 223 57 37

Human Rights Association (IHD) is a non-governmental and voluntary organization. It has been founded in 1986 and has approximately 10.000 members. IHD is the oldest and biggest human rights organization in Turkey. The philosophy of IHD is carrying out activities on “human rights and freedoms” without any exception and discrimination. To get more information about IHD, please contact us.

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