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More Thoughts on the Disappeared ~ by Peachy Tronqued Burgos

The deafening silence of nature at dusk.  I hear remaining droplets trickling down from the leaves of the trees.  The croaking of some frogs as if asking why the rain has stopped.  I hear some crickets welcoming the darkness of night as the lizards say their evening prayer.  In the distance I hear the motors running the vehicles passing on the street…

But the silence is broken.  The silence is broken by the sequel of a young child, whose loved one is missing and whose whereabouts i know not where.  I feel like screaming as i miss my loved one, my brother, whose state i know not what.  And whose return, i know not when, There’s only one thing I know.  The people behind our suffering, our sorrow, our heartache, our anguish, our agony…oh yes…oh yes, I very well know who.

The agonizing pain persists.  The heart continues to bleed.  But I know that in God’s perfect time, we will prevail.

July 16, 2009

SOURCE: Pagtatagpo sa Kabilang Dulo: Panitikang Testimonial ng Desaparecidos (2009).  Quezon City: Pamilya ng Desaparecidos para sa Katarungan and Amado V. Hernandez Resource Center., p135.

**Peachy Burgos is the eldest sister of Jonas Burgos.

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