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URGENT APPEAL: Pakistan killing victims of enforced disappearances

August 17, 2010

Mr. Jeremy Sarkin
U.N. Working Group on Involuntary and Enforced Disappearances

Dear Mr. Sarkin,

This is an urgent appeal to your office to save the lives of more than 1,000 Baloch political activists who are in the custody of Pakistan’s secret service agencies, including the Military Intelligence and Inter Services Intelligence.

Bodies of three more Baloch activists, who were in their illegal custody, were recovered over the weekend, bringing the total number of dead to 10 in less than 20 days.

The bodies of Zohaib Rodini and Khan Mohammad Baloch were found in Ferozabad area near Khuzdar on Saturday. The relative of the two said that they were abducted by the Pakistani para-military forces from Khuzdar some weeks ago. A third body, that of Shajahan Langov, resident of Qilli Ismael, was recovered from Sabzal Road in Quetta on Sunday.

He was abducted by Pakistan secret services from his house about a month ago.

Balochistan’s major pro-Independence parties believe that the youth were killed by the Pakistan army “death squads.”
Friends and families were eye-witnesses during the abduction of all the slain activists.

Identified of the other victims are Majeed Langov, 19, Ashfaq Ahmed, 23, Farooq Mengal, 24, Nazeer Ahmed, 25, Faiz Mohammad Bangulzai, 26, and Bahar Khan Bangulzai, 32, and Azizullah Baloch.
All victim bodies had severe torture marks.

“There were marks of drilling in the head. Some had their tooth and nails pulled out,” Naser Ullah Baloch, chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, that groups together victim families said.He said all of them were kidnapped either by the Frontier Corp or secret service agents in plainclothes in the presence of eyewitnesses.
We call open your office to act urgently to save the lives of Zakir Majeed, Deen Mohammad Baloch, Ehsan Arjemandi, Iqbal Baloch and other victims of enforced disappearances from Balochistan that already in your record.

Please note more than weeks ago Pakistan interior minister Rahman Malik admitted after continued denials for a year that Eshan Arjemandi, a Norwegian, was in the custody of Pakistan intelligence, but he has not been produced before any court of law to date.


Ahmar Mustikhan
9808 47th Pl. #305
College Park
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Tel: 1-301-957-0008

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