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SERIES: Countdown to the International Day of the Disappeared (IDD): 25 days to go!


(Born September 1955 – Disppeared July 1977)

by Joey Faustino

When we learned of your disappearance, Father, Mother, and I,

We were all shaken, disturbed and distressed.

Where in heaven’s name could you be, asked I.

Where you tortured, hogtied and butchered like the rest?

With my belly turned inside out I held back tears in my eye.

Wild was the ragin’ inside me, yet dampened and detained.

Where might have they taken you?, asked I.

Where you wasted and left for dead or buried alive like the rest?

Tell me my brother for in the family there is only you and I.

Talk to me even from beyond however muted and muffled.

Take me where they left you, can you do that?, asked I.

Temper my anguished and tormented mind for sleepless nights give no rest.

Twas you my brother they bruised and battered but so was I.

Time will have to heal the wounds of a now mystified and muddled life.

Think i will ever get over the stupor of this unexpected event?, asked I.

Till you are unearth and the injustice halted, maybe then … only then …

NOTE:  The author Joey Faustino – the younger of two brothers – presently put into writing his inner thoughts when he was 14, at the time of Gerry’s disappearance during the Martial Law regime in the Philippines.

*elder brother in Filipino

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